Old Women Who Write

Our 70s, 80s, and 90s can be a period of unparalleled creative growth and expression. Old Women Who Write is meant to inspire you and spark your desire to write. I will share my writing and invite you to share yours. There will be interviews with women of a certain age who write so that we have models of what can be. It matters not if you are a poet, or a writer of fiction, or of non-fiction or have yet to write anything. This is your place to be inspired.

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Betsy Collins Cromley Interview

Betsy Collins Cromley is about to turn 80 and about to publish a new book. How could there be a more perfect guest on Old Women Who Write?

Regina Jones Interview Part 2

In Part II of this interview, Regina discusses more of her life and more about her memoir in progress. You will love her.  And I apologize for the abrupt beginning of the interview. Just overlook that flaw please and enjoy the interview.

Regina Jones Interview

I am proud to share Regina Jones with you. This outstanding human succeeded in this world when all predictors might have said it was not possible for her to do so. I look forward to her book.