Tonie Ritchie Interview

Featured Tonie Ritchie Ms. Ritchie’s first book, Spur of Light, was published last year. Why does that matter? Because, at the time, she was 97 years old. How about that for a prime example of Old Women Who Write? Ms. Ritchie is from Scotland, so this is our first across the pond interview. I love […]

Jill Nelson Interview

Featured Jill Nelson Jill Nelson and I met sunning ourselves on a beach on Anna Maria Island, Florida. She is the mother of a good (and considerably younger) friend of mine. I had no idea when we met that she was an accomplished, outspoken, shocking, award-winning journalist and author. She writes about race, she writes […]

Susan Dukow Interview

Susan Dukow spent 36 years in the motion picture industry working on award winning films. She retired and very successfully took up painting. And now she is on her newest adventure. Susan attended Girls High, an all-girls school in Philadelphia. Her 1968 class did what all classes do…went on and lived their lives. Then they […]


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