Thank You

My Family

Great love and appreciation to my daughters Jennifer and Lisa who have put up with me all these years, and who particularly supported me in this project. Jen gave me endless “go to it Mom” cheers, and Lisa served as my unpaid editor and could always spot what was missing in my writing. They frequently remind me that while I wasn’t the most attentive of mothers, love was abundant in our family. This was, and still is, my favorite photo of the three of us.


Web Designer

Deaundrae took on this old woman who knew less than nothing about websites. He managed to educate, design, and produce all at the same
time. In theory, his job is complete. In fact, I love his energy and hope he will be around for a long time.




Kimberly was the editor on both books I co-wrote, and currently is working with me on the memoir in process. She is a wonderful content editor. She is skilled at gently, yet persistently, requiring honesty and vulnerability in my writing. I am grateful.


Graphic Designer/Logo Creator

The creator of the OWWW logo was taken out of her artist’s safe space and pushed to create an old lady logo. She did great and I am grateful. Some of Jillian’s work can be seen on Instagram at Jake Studio Space