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Jill Nelson Interview


Jill Nelson

Jill Nelson and I met sunning ourselves on a beach on Anna Maria Island, Florida. She is the mother of a good (and considerably younger) friend of mine. I had no idea when we met that she was an accomplished, outspoken, shocking, award-winning journalist and author. She writes about race, she writes about women, she writes about sex. I have now read three of her books, and she scares me to death. Her boldness knocks me out.

Books Jill has written include:

Volunteer Slavery: My Authentic Negro Experience 

Straight, No Chaser: How I Became A Grown-Up Black Woman

Editor, Police Brutality: An Anthology

Sexual Healing

Finding Martha’s Vineyard: African Americans at Home on an Island

Let’s Get It On

Her journalistic work has appeared in the Washington Post,  The New York TimesEssenceThe NationMs., the Chicago Tribune, the Village VoiceUSA TodayUSA Weekend, and[3]

4 replies on “Jill Nelson Interview”

I loved this interview! Especially the quote from Jill’s book – now I want to read them all. What a fantastic conversation. I feel like I gained in wisdom from listening to it.


What an outstanding interview… but more so, what an incredible woman. So wonderful for Jean to bring Jill to many of us who may not have otherwise ever gotten to meet her! Jill, you are such an inspiration and quite honestly, a visit with someone I really needed to have right now! Thank you so much for being your authentic self!


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