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Susan Dukow Interview

Susan Dukow
**The subtitles in the interviews are automatically generated. They are often messed up, and sometimes even embarrassing.  I apologize in advance.**

Susan Dukow spent 36 years in the motion picture industry working on award winning films. She retired and very successfully took up painting. And now she is on her newest adventure. Susan attended Girls High, an all-girls school in Philadelphia. Her 1968 class did what all classes do…went on and lived their lives. Then they had a reunion, then another. Then they discovered the power of Facebook. In the pandemic, they discovered the magic of Zoom. Finally, Susan
asked them to write about their lives at girl’s high and their lives now, especially as seen through the pandemic. Forty three of her classmates took up the challenge, and Susan was the editor, resulting in Unmute Yourself, Girlfriend: A Class Act.

4 replies on “Susan Dukow Interview”

Susan was the force that made this endeavor happen. She was focused, direct, informed, passionate… all the things good leaders are known for.


Susan was the force that made this endeavor happen. She pad persistent, focused, direct and knowledgeable — all the traits good leaders exhibit.


Thank you, Margit for both of your replies!

Did want to say one thing here since it is not clear in the actual interview how to purchase the book. There are two ways:

Our Publisher:

Independent Book Sellers:

Thank you, again, Jean and Margit and everyone who made all of this possible!


Susan was the perfect team leader, facilitator, and inspiring force that brought our project to fruition. Getting to know Susan better through our ZOOM times and emails was a gift! She is incredibly engaging and has a magnetizing personality


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