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Renee Fisher Interview

Renee Fisher: Painter, Creative Writer & Community Teacher

**The subtitles in the interviews are automatically generated. They are often messed up, and sometimes even embarrassing.  I apologize in advance.**

Renee Fisher is a woman of many talents. She raised three children but has given herself to many: supporting young pregnant girls, teaching English to recent immigrants, and volunteering for, responding to advice requests from all over the world. In her heart, Renee is and always has been an artist. The writing was her first love, followed by painting. In both cases, she first engaged in these creative arts when she was young, let them fall by the wayside in her middle years, and in her 70s, has embraced them. 

Renee regularly hosts women’s Passover Seders at her home. The invitations say: “You are invited to join the Jews, Christians, heathens, lesbians, in-recovery addicts, and vegetarians at our Seder.” This year, I’m sure transgenders will be added to the invite list.

Check out Renee’s Paintings

(Click images to enlarge)

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